conceptual Soundproductions budapest

Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest was founded by myself, in 2015, at the university of visual arts Budapest (MKE), with the objective of combining conceptual thinking, as is common in contemporary visual arts, with an experimental music practice.

The term ‘conceptual soundproduction’ basically indicates a form of sonic art, in which the conceptual element dominates over profession. a ‘conceptual’ work of art is basically one that estabishes her own context, outside the conventional artistic media. A ‘concept’ is not something that is located within the object of art, in terms of an expressional content; it is rather an imaginary space, which is created around that object, allowing it to appear in a particular perspective; and it is only within that space, that the object holds an art status. consequently the actual creative process consists in the shaping of that space, rather than in that of the object. The object itself can be shaped by virtually anyone.