‘vestige’, a graphic score (2016)

When I created my graphic-series ‘tangencies’, I cut the A3 paper size, in order to make it square. The remaining 12 cm wide, and 29,7 cm long straps turned out to be the perfect format for the time-bound image structure of a graphic score. Since I had studied and performed Cornelius Cardew’s ‘Treatise’ some years ago (with the ensemble ‘serve music’), and recently Roman Haubenstock Ramati’s ‘decisions’ (with my ensemble Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest), I had already an idea of how the medium generally works, in terms of relationships between sound and image. A functionable graphic score first of all stimulates a fruitful debate on how to approach it. With ‘vestige’ it is not merely about what is imaged, but even about how the pen is guided. The character of a drawn line can be viewed as the trace of a specific motion pattern; a line can be sweeping, straight, affectionate, rough, bumpy, ornate, crimpy, and many more. These qualities actually invite to be recreated on a musical instrument.

Performed 2016, in Budapest, by Ernesto Rodriguez (viola), Guilherme Rodriguez (cello), Nuno Torres (tenor sax.), Kornél Vajsz (electric sitar) and Nikolaus Gerszewski (percussion).