two of a kind  

(for two Bb clarinets; 2014)

A 36-tone scale is devided by two 18-tone scales of third-tone intervals; one for each instrument. Pitches are selected by chance operation, while durations are recreated after the prosody of the book “moments” by Robert Lax. The two instrumental parts are shaped independently of one another, and synchronized by a three-four time grid.

As all of my compositions, this piece adresses the question concerning the essence of music. Even if we have no means whatsoever to decide what is music and what is not, the question can still not be settled by mere tautology (music is what someone calls “music”); I believe it should always be responded to by the individual composition, namely through the way it relates to the listener’s preconceptions, of what music is, or should be; whereby these preconceptions are less the conclusion of an intellectual argument, than an issue of cultural imprint.

Indeed the piece involves explicidly musical material, in terms of instrumental sound, and even seemingly musical rhetorics, in terms of phrasing and counterpoint; however due to chance operation and alternative tuning, progression and interval function are practically suspended. The result is still not merely plain sound, but virtually music, in the process of establishing her own preconditions, and thereby to some extend even reshaping our cultural imprint.