The inner shape

These pieces have emerged parallel to my water colour series ‘underwater’. While the latter investigates primarily in the behaviour of colour, this work deals solely with the issue of shape. During the summer of 1991 I designed a few hundred sheets, of which I selected these twelve pieces, and threw away the rest; whereby the selection process was actually a lot more exhausting than the painting process.
First of all I had to establish reliable criteria of evaluation. The fact that a piece looked interesting, or even beautiful, was of no relevance. I believed, that evaluation should be rooted in lawfullness, rather than in taste. The problem was, that in the realm of art, there are no generally accepted laws; every artist has to establish his or her own constitution, if he or she should feel the need, to impose restraints on his or her work.
I finally came to the conclusion, that the creative process itself was a process of discovering, rather than imposing lawfullness. For every piece of art we create, there has to be an imaginary shape, that it can be identified with. The imaginary shape must not necessarily be there in the first place; it may develop simultaneously with the work itself, respectively the work itself may even help to clarify the imagination. The imaginary shape is not rooted in lawfullness, but in intuition. The creative process in truth is the process of shaping an intuition; originating from an indefinite idea, gradually leading towards lucidity.