Stones (2006)

These pieces were my last works of visual art, before I decided to change to the medium of musical composition. With these works I reduced the medium of panel painting to its basic elements, which are shape and colour. Consequently I had to eliminate any other pictorial element, that could distract the viever’s attention from the core of the matter; such as brushstroke, as an element of individual expression, spacial perspective, as an element of illusionism, and even geometry, as an element of reference to the architectural environment.
Since these pieces are conceived as models, rather than art objects, I wanted to keep the material efford low as possible; I chose a relatively small scale, and the cheapest available material, which was coloured printing paper (as is available in any copy shop) fiberboard, and wallpaper paste. The A3 paper format determined the maximum panel size, with a height of 42, and a with of 29,7 cm. However I chose an individual format for each piece, in order to avoid a regular grid; which would have indicated an additional geometric structure principle.
With respect to the selection and composition of colours, there was no underlying conception, other than the limitation, set by the choice of the source material. The objective in the colour combination was, that the two colours would always react with one another, in the beholder’s eye, in order to form a new, immaterial element; which in terms of music, we would call ‘sound’.