possible music (2012)

Parametric decisions, in terms of pitchclass, register, duration, tempo relation, or density of events, are basically chance generated; while dynamics and mode of attac are entrusted to the performer’s impulse. The tilte refers to a general challenge of the music term; particularly in light of the circumstance that the sequence of sounds is basically coincidental. However the structure within which the chance operations are executed, is always designed after a musical model, in terms of phrasing, progression, metre, and not least material.

The sounds themselves are actually not quite detached from semiotic content; they just do not to add up to a comprehensible musical context. As opposed to ‘plain sound’, this is sort of ‘music’ without a subject matter; in other terms music attempting to define her own music status.

Recorded in 2018, at TOM-TOM studios, Budapest, by Balint Barath.