‘Ouverture’, for Pierrot ensemble (2015)

The composition involves three devisions, of three pages each; from one devision to the other, the material is always expanded, by introducing new elements; individual parameters are determined by chance operation. The first devision (pages 1-3) involves seven pitchklasses, three registers for each part, three time signatures, three positions of a note within a measure (left, right, centre), three dynamic values, and five degrees of density (1-5 instruments); in the second one (pages 4-6) the number of pitch classes changes to twelve; in the third one (pages 7-9), the number of time signatures changes to nine and the number of dynamic values to five. Furthermore each section is subdevided in two parts, one of which involves repetition of segments, of always one, two or three measures, for the purpose of establishing an aspect of  rhythm. The piece marks a turning point in my work, in fact from polyphonic to harmonic structure.


Premiered 2015, by ensemble Namaste, Rome