Ordinary Music Vol. 6b, for four electric guitars

 The work is my tribute of the electric guitar; an instrument whose sonic spectrum has been explored and disseminated throughout the history of rock music, rather than any other form of music. Thereby she owes her particular appeal not least to the extensive use of feedback and distortion; it is not least due to the excessive integration of noise material, that rockmusic has advanced, from an entertainment music, to a genuine form of art.

It therefore appeared only natural, to make a reference to this kontext; namely by taking up the miscelleanous manifestations of electric guitar sound, that are familiar from metal, noise, psychedelic or progressive rock music.

The source material is acquired through a decomposed improvisation, which is set out in writing, in form of a user manual, that includes general instructions, regarding sound character, and playing technique, but no particular parametric information. The score actually maps a kind of psychedelic soundscape, in which the musicians wander around independently; time and again coming together for a collective frenzy experience.


The piece was premiered in 2009, at Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg. Ever since it has been performed several times, by different formations. The present recording was made in 2011, at Experimental Intermedia, New York, with the group sonic update.