‘off the track’, for clarinet, bassclarinet and piano (2014)

This piece appears kind of alien in the context of my work; it sounds rather ‘classical’ than ‘experimental’, almost like ‘real’ music. However I applied quite similar compositional procedures as in my other pieces of that period; only the source material is different. It is derived it from Vivaldi’s violin concerto Il ritrio, in my view a perfectly average composition of baroque music, providing ornamental figurations that are most typical for the idiom. I chose a limited number of motives from the score, transposed them to different keys, different tempos, and created variations in terms of rake, inversion, and inverted rake. Concerning spacial and temporal arrangement, in terms density of instrumentation, sucession of events, and number of repetitions of an individual motive, I trusted on chance operation.


Premiered 2015 by Namaste Ensemble, Rome.