Cornelius Cardew: ‚Treatise‘ (with Sascha Demand) 

Cornelius Cardew: Treatise (1963-67) provides 193 pages of abstract graphic designs. With the title, Cardew refers to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ‘Tractatus logico philosophicus’, which is merely an investigation of the borders of language. ‘Treatise’ can be understood as a kind of linguistic approach to musical improvisation, in form of graphic designs, that do not indicate specific musical content, but rather provide a differenciation of linear proportions, that the improvising musician is invited to respond to in whatever way he deems appropriate. However as soon as he gets involved, he will be forced to self responsible decisions, that will always bind him for the further course of the play: e.g. two identical signs must not be interpreted differently, or vice versa one and the same sound should not apply to two different signs. Furthermore it may seem natural to interpret two similar signs as variations of the same basic sound. With each sign or shape requiring a decision for a specific soundcharacter, the score indirectly provides a musical structure.
performed 2015 at Trafo Club, Budapest, by CSB and Sascha Demand (guit.)