Christian Wolff: ‘Edges’ (1968)

Christian Wolff: ‘Edges’┬áis almost a mere improvisation; i.e. the instructions are ambiguous to such an extend, that one could derive almost anything from them. This nonewithstanding the specific character of Christian Wolffs music is allowed to emerge; since the performer, during his engagement with the piece, begins to think within the categories that are being introduced by the score: i.e. how can categories like ‘sudden’, ‘slack’, ‘bumpy’ or ‘spaced’ be applied to sound?

The score does not at all restrict the performers creative freedom, but rather extends the space in which freedom can even unfold; while initiating an intellectual process, that leads to an entirely new artistic territory, via a reconsideration of the relationship between composer and performer.

performed 2015, at Aurora, Budapest.