OMA: Ordinary Music Archives

OMA is the studio and works archive of the composer, artist, writer, performer, curator, and director of the ensemble Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest, Nikolaus Gerszewski.

OMA will open her doors to the public in the autumn of 2021, as a non-commercial exhibition space, performance space, workshop, and parleur, for music related art, and art related music.   

OMA provides a performing space, equipped with a large table, a sound system, a grand piano, a doublebass, and several other musical instruments, along with a seperate auditorium, with a capacity of 40 seated guests.

OMA will house events on at least a quarterly basis; an event will always include both a visual, and an acoustic component, along with a panel debate. Each event will be documented in sound and image, and stored in our digital archive, which will be made accessible to the public.

OMA is particularly devoted to conceptual and experimental forms of art & music; the two approaches are closely related, since a ‘concept’ is essentially the intellectual design of an experimental procedure model, while an ‘experiment’ is nothing other than a concept put to the test. Both conceptual and experimental art & music are primarily engaged in the redefinition of the particular medium.

OMA intends to open an alternative discourse on art & music, that is based on experimental research, with the objective of establishing a common intellectual basis for both media, that would allow for an intermedial transfer of ideas and procedures.

OMA is located in the centre of the 9th district in Budapest, in walking distance from the 4/6 tramline stops ‘Corvin neyed’, and ‘Mester utca’.


Address: 1094, Budapest IX, Angyal utca 32